Combined Military Hospital Latest Jobs in Lahore October 2023

Introduction: Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Lahore stands as a pivotal institution at the intersection of healthcare and military service, playing a crucial role in providing top-notch medical care while supporting the armed forces.

Within this reputable institution, there are exciting opportunities for individuals seeking meaningful careers that intertwine service and healthcare.

Brief History

Established decades ago, CMH Lahore has continuously evolved, becoming a beacon of medical excellence in Pakistan. Its journey is marked by significant milestones and noteworthy contributions to both healthcare and military services.

Job Description

The roles available at CMH Lahore are diverse, ranging from medical practitioners to support staff. Responsibilities vary, with each role contributing uniquely to the overall functioning of the hospital and its commitment to excellence in patient care.

Table Content

Date Posted Industry Hiring Organization Jobs Location Valid Through (Last Date) Education Requirements Employment Type No. of Posts Newspaper Address Zip Code Watch Jobs Videos
23-10-2023 Government Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Lahore, Punjab 30-10-2023 Bachelor/ Master Full Time 10+ The Nation, Dawn, Jang, The News Combined Military Hospital CMH Lahore Punjab 54000 Click Here

How To Apply

  1. Visit the Official Website: Check the official CMH Lahore website or the designated portal where job openings are listed.
  2. Explore Available Positions: Look through the job listings to find positions that match your qualifications and interests.
  3. Review Job Requirements: Carefully read the job descriptions and requirements for each position to ensure you meet the criteria.

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